“The supermarket represents the season of the world. The farmers market is the season of your world.”
–Deborah Madison, author and chef

Market Rules & Regulations





Mission Statement: To provide fresh, locally grown produce, prepared food products and artisan crafts in a friendly, inviting market place to the west side community.
The Urban Garden Farmers Market Inc., will operate the Summer Market on Saturdays from June 13 through October 10 with the hours of 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. 

The Urban Garden Farmers Market, Inc., (UGFM) defines a “Vendor/Producer/Grower” as a person who raises or produces agricultural goods, a Home Based Vendor (HBV), a crafter, artisan or one who prepares food on site. All produce must be grown in Indiana or counties adjacent to Indiana.  Home gardeners are considered producers and are encouraged to sell at the Urban Garden Farmers Market.
Vendors must agree to the terms of the Rules and Regulations of the Urban Garden Farmers Market, Inc.
Vendors must agree to release and hold harmless the Urban Garden Farmers Market, Inc., and its Board of Directors, site property owner, Market Management Team (MMT) and volunteers from all claims related to or arising from participation.  This agreement must be signed before a vendor sells at the Market.
Vendors are encouraged to purchase liability insurance.
Vendors may sell products from other producers on consignment. Consignments must comply with all Urban Garden Farmers Market Rules & Regulations. Vendors consigning for others are required to display signs identifying the producer(s) of their items.

The Vendor/Producer must submit an application to the Urban Garden Farmers Market Management Team and be approved to sell.  Vendors who show up on market day will be allowed to sell for that day at the discretion of the Market Manager but then must fill out the Vendor Application Form and submit to the Market Management Team.

The weekly Market Fee of $5.00* per five (5) foot linear space will be collected by the Market Manager and is due on Market day.

All goods offered for sale must be of excellent quality.  Prepared food can only be labeled “Fresh” if made within 24 hours of sale.
The sale of some food and food products are regulated and require a specific license to sell.  It is up to the vendor to obtain the proper license. 
The following goods may be sold at the Market: fruits, vegetables, meats, dried and fresh herbs and spices, plants, flowers, honey, eggs, flour and ground grains.
Prepared food items which are permitted include, (but are not limited to): cheeses, maple syrup, jellies, jams, preserves, dried vegetables, dried fruits, cider or other pressed juices, ice cream, herb vinegar and baked goods. Vendor must comply with all rules as written in bill N-HEA-1309.  All other food vendors must comply with all license and Health Department regulations.
We encourage Vendors to sell products produced within a 75-mile radius of South Bend in Indiana and in counties adjacent to the state of Indiana.  Goods produced within this area will receive a “LOCALLY GROWN/PRODUCED” sign from the Market Manager.
The Vendor must display legible price markers for goods offered for sale.
Each Vendor may set his/her own prices. Prices should be set in keeping with customer satisfaction and consideration of other Market Vendors.

No potentially hazardous foods or products may be sold.  No factory produced crafts are allowed; all crafts must be hand made.

Home Based Vendors (HBV) may now sell food at farmers' markets or at roadside stands, according to Indiana House Enrolled Act 1309.  Home based vendors are those persons producing NON-potentially hazardous food at their place of residence and selling it at farmers’ markets or roadside stands.  Such food is required to have strict labeling and may not be potentially hazardous (examples of potentially hazardous foods are meat, dairy products, whole eggs, cooked vegetables, cooked noodles, soups, etc.).  Anyone selling potentially hazardous food must prepare food in a licensed and inspected kitchen.  For more information go to: http://www.ag.purdue.edu/foodsci/Pages/IN-HEA-1309-info.aspx.
Prior to doing business at the Urban Garden Farmers Market, it is the responsibility of each food Vendor who does not fit under the definition of a Home Based Vendor to have the proper license. For more information, please contact Michelle Adams, Business License Auditor at the City of South Bend’s Department of Administration and Finance Licenses and Permits Office at 574-235-5912. 
Food items prepared in commercial facilities must be prepared in a licensed facility, as defined by Indiana law, and sold in pre-packaged form.   The sale of these food items requires proper labeling, which must consist of name of product, location of preparation, and ingredients.  Vendors selling prepared foods must display their Board of Health kitchen license at all times.
Egg Vendors must exhibit a current egg vendor license issued by the State Egg Board.  Health Department regulations require that eggs be kept at 45 degrees or less.
Vendors selling produce by weight or measure shall obtain a certificate signed by the Sealer of Weights and Measures showing that all scales and measures to be used have been tested and approved.
Vendors willing to accept WIC vouchers are responsible for obtaining approval from the State of Indiana WIC office. For more information: WIC, IN State Dept. of Health, 1-800-522-0874.  There is no charge for this approval.  The local office is located at 325 N. Lafayette Blvd and phone number is 647-2173.
Vendors invited to the market for the purpose of public education may sell their products, regardless of the type or origin of the product.
Exceptions to the goods permitted rule can be made by the Urban Garden Farmers Market Management Team upon advance written request by a Vendor. The Market Manager reserves the right to verify that all goods are appropriate for sale.

It is the responsibility of the Vendor to maintain a safe and clean booth space and to be aware of all county and state rules that apply to the product being sold.
State health regulations require that all items intended for human consumption must be kept six inches off the ground at all times.

Educational materials may be distributed only with the approval of the Market Manager.
Distribution of educational materials will serve a dual purpose for both the organization and the Urban Garden Farmers Market. As a means of contributing to the market mission, all tables must provide produce for sale. Non-profit organizations are encouraged to view this function as a way to raise funds for the group.
Raffles are not allowed.

The Vendor must be set up and ready to sell in his/her space by 9:30 a.m. on Market Day. Market Manager will assign vendor spaces.
Market hours are from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Market space will be available at 9:00 am for set­up. 
Vendors are expected to remain at the market until closing time. However, if a Vendor sells out or, for other reasons, must leave early, s/he must request the assistance of the Market Manager in order to exit the market in a safe manner. 

Each Vendor must supply his/her own tables, tents, displays or storage equipment. The Market provides no equipment for Vendors.
To ensure safety of all Market Vendors and shoppers, all tents must be assembled according to the specifications of the manufacturer.  They should be firmly secured by anchors or weights no matter what the weather.
Electricity hook up is available on site. 

Vendors are responsible for keeping their market spaces tidy and appealing.  At the conclusion of selling, the Vendor must remove all personal items, trash, and equipment.

In the event that the Urban Garden Farmers Market is cancelled, announcements will be made on TV stations WSBT and WNDU.

The Market Manager, representing the UGFM, will supervise daily activities at the Market.
All concerns in regard to anything associated with the Market should first be brought to the attention of the Market Manager.
The Market Manager will handle market regulation violations.  Vendors wishing to dispute the Manager’s decision may appeal in writing to the Urban Garden Farmers Market Management Team.  Letters should be addressed to the UGFM Market Management Team and mailed to 2721 Kenwood Ave., South Bend, IN  46628.
The Market Manager may assign an Interim Market Manager in their absence.  That person must be selected from the approved /active Vendor list, the MMT, BOD, or Advisory Board. 

Licenses and Permits:  Michelle Adams 574-235-5912
WIC, IN State Dept. of Health: 1-800-522-0874
UGFM Website:  www.urbangardenmarket.blogspot.com

It is the policy of the Urban Garden Farmers Market that all persons shall have equal opportunity and access to the services of the Urban Garden Farmers Market without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, or disability.
The Urban Garden Farmers Market reserves the right to make changes, amendments, or additions to the Urban Garden Farmers Market Rules and Regulations. Any changes will be communicated to Vendors as they are made.
* The Urban Garden Farmers Market reserves the right to alter market fees with ample notice given to vendors before this

would occur.