“The supermarket represents the season of the world. The farmers market is the season of your world.”
–Deborah Madison, author and chef

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Market Manager Report from July 24

What a day! We got blown away by the storm. Vendors were set up and ready to start when a storm blew through. Tents and umbrellas went sailing across the parking lot (despite the anchors and weights attached to them!). We were fortunate that no car windows were busted out! Then it started thundering and lightening so we mutually we called it a day.
Patrick ended up staying with his sweet corn and other veggies until 1:00. There were several customers after the weather settled down. Most came after corn and tomatoes.

The "hoopLAH" was rained out, as were the drummers (although several stayed to pick up a few fresh post-storm items!). Next week will have Kelly Strycker, her hoops, and the drummers!

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