“The supermarket represents the season of the world. The farmers market is the season of your world.”
–Deborah Madison, author and chef

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Market Manager Report from August 23

It was a slow day. It did rain for most of the morning, though not heavy. I'm sure this was a contributing factor to a slower morning. Also, as Patrick noted last year, sales fall off after school starts. He has noticed this again at his roadside stand.

Vendors included Preston Farms, Jean Rudolph, Jason Ashley, Pat Bell, Lyn-Joyce Dodson, Patrick's Produce, Pa's Vegetable Patch.

Edie and Phil Sutton were there from the Purdue Extension and several people availed themselves of their expertise. It's good to have them there to give the educational component.

We have only six market days left this summer.

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